What is The Strategy You Want?

Weekly marketing strategy insights to help business owners get what they truly want out of their business and their life.

Who should read this?

The Strategy You Want is for business owners and leaders who want to run a successful, profitable business—with more effective marketing—so they can have more freedom and control in their lives.

Do you feel like you’re spinning out of control? That there isn’t enough time in the day? That instead of running your business, your business is running you? Then this newsletter is for you.

Why are you writing this?

Businesses usually don’t close because they don’t have enough customers. They close because they end up exceedingly busy, but broke. And burnt-out business owners are left with their dreams—that they once had when they opened their doors—dashed. 

I’m a small business owner. I know the crushing weight of responsibility and the ever-present fear of failure. And I know that some things, sometimes, are just out of our control. 

But I also know that having a strong, carefully considered marketing strategy can make it so much easier. That it can give you confidence, direction, and a renewed excitement in your business. Because you know that you’ve thought things through, and you know that you’re making the best possible decisions for you and your business.

The secret to freedom in your life isn’t simply about making more revenue. It’s not just about driving more customers to your business. It’s about creating a business that maintains a meaningful amount of the money it makes, so that you can make better, more long-term decisions about your future. So that you can get what you truly want out of life.

And that requires strategy.

The Strategy You Want will help you make better decisions about your marketing, it will give you the tools to figure out what you really want, and it will show you a clearer path to success. A path paved with more thinking, and less doing. That fills you up, instead of drains you. And sees results much sooner than you think.

About Me

Hi, I’m Joel Kelly.

I am a life-long marketer and strategy enthusiast. I've been a senior leader in creative agencies, a content marketing director, a SaaS product marketer, and a PR and crisis consultant.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen people work very hard—spending their precious time, money, and energy—without actually getting any closer to what they ultimately want in life. They paid the fare, but did not arrive. And I spent years doing the same.

But I think there’s a better way. With careful and purposeful strategy, you can build more profit in your business, which gives you more time. More time to be thoughtful about your work. To regain confidence in your decisions, and to take control over your life and your future. To have that feeling of freedom you wanted when you launched the business in the first place.

My mission is to help business owners get what they want out of life, through careful, deliberate strategy. This newsletter is one way I’m hoping to do that.

I’ve applied these lessons to my own company, The Family Knife. A boutique strategy firm helping business owners create more profit and gain more freedom in their lives. I’d love to help you do the same.

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If you'd like to work with me on your business, you can visit my strategy firm's website at TheFamilyKnife.com or contact me directly at joelkelly@hey.com. Twitter: @joelkelly